Monday, July 4, 2011


I continue to read your blog and enjoy it always.
Among your "124 Images" is the Loaf of (Italian) Bread you created.
I was the lucky owner until April of this year when I donated this piece for a fundraiser that I helped organize for a retreat house in Barryville, NY.  I was sad to see it go but it is now owned by a rather important person in Howard Beach, NY. Your art helped the cause and I am grateful.
Stick to the plan, Gardega and continue the greatness!!
It is important to give back as an artist so I try to do as much charity etc as I can make time for. I had nothing to do with this charity but I am happy my art helped out a bit. In NYC  I do some work for the ronald mcdonald house. I donated my Adam graves portrait to them but unfortunatley someone stole it. I have had three pieces stolen in my life, the adam graves was the largest it was five foot by four foot. The other two were glass pieces...regardless, artists are self serving lot so it is best to try to do some selfless work to help the world ...I am not bono, I cant walk on water but I try to do my part.

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