Friday, July 8, 2011

T mobile

I would like to thank T mobile customer service for going out of their way for me concerning some recent events of a lost brand new phone on a really- really bad day . You never expect much out of a corporation but  Tmobile just changed my views. They have the best customer service, I have been with them ten years and Im not switching. Occasionally the dice of life roll in your favor. One day there will be no humans answering phones, it will be AI computers, I hope there is a way to program some heart into the algorithms but I have a feeling their isnt a way...It will be a sad day when humans are taken out of the equation and computers replace us.Just as the dark defines the light and death defines life, the left brain defines the right brain, the heart vs. the head, the math vs. the arts....machines are math, they have no hearts but will they ever learn to feel?

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