Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I met this guy once, he was a great guy, great energy...Very sad that he was flooded out and lost so many things that he loved. I started to thing about the idea of STUFF, I had a painting stolen recently, made me very sad..but in the end it is just STUFF..you are not your STUFF, Your STUFF does not DEFINE you. Some people need a lot of STUFF to define themselves or fill an emptiness. I dont have a lot of STUFF, I amke a lot of STUFF because I have a lot of resources inside me. I was born rich on the inside and poor on the outside, this is much prefered to the opposite. I know many an empty rich person and no new amount of STUFF can fill that hole, no new car, no new tattoo, no new house. I have a friend who has a friend who killed himself because he lost his fortune and was down to his last 5 million. I still have a fighters chance of making some real money and buying a lot of stuff but I will never be poor on the inside, I have too much stuff in there.


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