Monday, January 2, 2012


I rarely make resolutions for New Years as I think it is bad for your psyche to make and break them and let yourself down. I committed a few months back to Getting my self in serious shape and to give up my beloved red wine so I can get more work done. Even one glass of wine at night makes me too tired to really work late effectively. My biggest high in life is making art anyways. My favorite thing is getting up at five at starting my work day and planning my art/ deadlines for the day/ week. I have started Shaolin Kung Fu which is the hardest workout I have ever known... Discipline is the cornerstone of art and without hard work and focus you wont survive the art-game. The artist hanging in cafe with a beret is a joke...My cafe is called " Le hard work." Even though I sometimes work myself too hard it doesnt seem like work as I love art. When it is going poorly it can seem like work and then some..Resolutions are easy to keep and mine are already set in stone, one just needs to be awake.

You are a much better artist if you have your body and Chi centered..healthy body, healthy mind.

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