Friday, February 17, 2012

statue of liberty painting--by gardega

I painted this for ambassador publishing. I handed it off yesterday and it was approved. Art is only done when you stop painting, you can noodle anything to death. There comes a time to let the baby go off into the wild blue on its own. I could always make things better but you also have time factors and have to move on to new works. Every painting I do (even illustration) is done with a new approach and a certain zone of discomfort. I would probably be better doing cookie cutter illustration but I like to learn and learning sometimes requires failure. I think this piece works it will print well. Sometimes printing ruins a piece and sometimes it makes it better. my favorite part is the flame, the least being the under part of torch. A bird is useful to show scale in any work. Clouds can help separate things. The statue clashed with the blue and the clouds worked to pop it out. Always try for a diagonal in art, never be static..or too centered...If you are painting for print always paint larger. It will look better when shrunk! (chinese secret)

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Alice in Winter Watercolor

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