Sunday, October 20, 2013

Banksy go home

I recently painted my first 18 wheeler trailer basically because it was there and most of my work is done alone in a room or private commissions for clients I decided it would be a bit freeing to get out and hit a big piece in the open air. If you look at the trailer I worked on there is a bunch of eye sore scribbles and things done apparently without any real effort, care or thought. I cant stand "art" that is done in a slap dash fashion and looks like last months sushi. If you are going to do anything put some effort into it.

As far as why I put in the tag "banksy go home" is more a statement about certain kinds of art than Banksy himself . I chose him because he is the best known street artist in my mind.  I do think his work is clever and I never have any sour grapes towards other artists like some artists do about jealousy regarding success etc. I just question why a spray painted Banksy stenciled piece (regardless of how clever) would be worth more than an Andrew Wyeth or an Odd Nerdrum etc. We live in an automated age of short attention spans and Ipads so maybe his work reflects the times (however shitty they may be.) 

Everyone knows who Banksy is but no one knows anything about Raphael. Some art schools dont even teach drawing anymore. I once traded art with Shepard fairey and asked him to draw me something and he said he cant draw. He was a nice guy so I dont mean any ill will but shouldnt a chef know how to cook a ham?

I am sure Banksy is a nice man and treats his workers well and pays them incredibly well etc unlike the corporations he mocks. If there was a Banksy exhibit in NYC it would be packed to the gills and the Rembrandt room at the Met remains largely empty save a few foreign tourists. I suppose street art has its place, I dont like people vandalizing other peoples property so for every Banksy there is 10,000 crappy scribbles like the truck above that hurts my eyes.  Some people, even some friends of mine got upset with my mural. Its just some damn paint and it will probably be painted over and tagged in  two weeks time. 

Why God? You figure it out...Tis much easier to spray a stencil (the british skyline took ten minutes) To oil paint God took 10 hours. I think rome wasnt built in a day but it could have been stenciled in two. 

Someone already vandalized my vandalism...if it was him I shall never know and If I found out I Skill Saw the pig out, sell it and go hang out in Rome for 6 months.

enough said...

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