Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vandal fesses up

This guy is the guy who tagged my picture. Im glad he ran out of art supplies because he wanted to change my god that I painted in oils and took a lot of time. 

Cy Ko said...
I bumped into your mural in the middle of the night. I looked up your website but I misstyped it and got an error... so for a little moment I thought it was a fake URL. This made me think it could really be something commissioned by Banksy. Because it is really in the spirit of Banksy (I am sure he would love it.) So I thought it would be funny to do something. Sorry my pathetic pen died in my Islamisation attempt... I didn't have my art supplies, otherwise I would have tried to make your God look more like an Iranian cleric! You did a great job. Good luck... + Try to sell it to Banksy! Seriously. He might buy it or sign it and it would pay your trip to Rome! (Do not forget the main reason graffitters work with stencils is because it is fast enough to avoid being arrested. A graffi is not a mural. A graffitter never asks permission to anyone about anything.)

dont mess with god as they say...

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