Monday, February 6, 2017


                                                 CAN YOU NAME THESE ARTISTS?

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  1. Uh… professor gardega, this was like really hard. and that’s not really fair cause you haven’t tested us in a long time. And I’ve been doing my reading the whole semester, and I only really knew a couple of the artists. And I had to guess on the rest. And like I almost started crying when I wasn’t guessing right on a couple. And you should either make the tests easier or test us more often. and this stuff isn't even in the reading material. Like it took me forever to do this, and I have other homework. And some of us work full time while going to school. So you should know that. And I think I should get extra credit for almost crying cause it shows I care. And you should at least try to include more than one woman to keep your female students interested

    Mucha (gave up and cheated – and it’s a good thing ‘cause never gonna get it)
    Bouguereau (it’s on the pic!)
    Skinny Matisse
    Freud (cheated big time on this one – no way I was gonna get it in a million years)


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