Tuesday, March 22, 2011

art lesson by gardega: set up

Before you start your day of painting it is 100% crucial that you set up very carefully. I usualldy spend an hour setting up. It is a zen thing to get your brain calmed and ready for work. If you have sloppy paint all over you will cause much headaches. I am not neat by nature, I tend to paint order out of chaos. I force myself to be neat. I stop at noon and reorganize and then again at five. A full cleaning. If you cant find the right thing you need you will waste a lot of time. Your paints should be grouped by color, your drafting supplies should be grouped..etc. my palatte us always a mess I accept that on mural jobs. On paintings I keep it neater. I know super anal artists with no life in their work and that is worse than being messy. Have some damn personality in your work. You arent bean counting. After spending a week banging out 70 square foot walls when you go home to sit down in front of an easel with a 24 by 36 canvas it will seem about as threating as a goldfish. It took me a long time to embrace scale. There is something to be said for hitting a large scale painting. It is a freedom that is hard to describe but there is also a time to paint little 8 inch by ten inch "gems"... for the amount of money I spend on art supplies I could have a wardrobe of expensive clothes or a sports car...neither would make me happy. I dont need to impress other people, only myself.
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