Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the universe in a grain of sand

When was eight all I wanted was paint. I got my first cheap paint set when I was eight. I still have the tackle box I kept them in. In the local safeway they sold art books, these oversize paper back books. Each one featured either rembrandt or leonardo, instead of a toy I would get one of these books and chew through over and over. When I found rembrandts painting of the men doing surgery, my life changed. I fell under the spell of th old masters. I was also convinced at eight that modern art was crap, a con, it held nothing for me. It is crazy to think that all these decades later I still have a box of paint and I make my living with it. The world has tried a thousand times to tempt me away from my paints and there were lost weekends without my paints but the gods of art favor the bold and despise quitters and hedgers. If you stay true to the gods of art, they wont turn their back on you. If I died tomorrow I can dying knowing I stayed true to my inner being and what matters to me in life, circumstances be damned.. Time and the devil are twin thiefs who work to steal your dreams and passion in life. Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. You can create a universe from a box of paints. The universe in a grain of sand and eternity in an hour as william blake once said. Take care of your paints and they will take care of you and make sure to own naples yellow.
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