Monday, March 21, 2011

on the radio

I am listening to some geek on the radio named mark davis. He is talking about how it is good that we attacked libya. By the sound of the guys voice I can tell he has never seen combat and he probably has never even been in a fist fight. And he is going to sit on the radio with his geek voice and tell me it is good we are starting another war. I would like to take the guy to a bar make him drink whiskey, smack him in his geek head and then take him christmas carol story the ghosts of wars past. Let him see some dead children and families and ruined lives. There should be a law you cannot vote or cheer for a war if you dont have flesh in the game. It reminds me of fat bloated idiots in bars in sports jerseys cheering for war when their bodies are so warped they couldnt never pass a physical. They shouldnt be allowed to have opinion. I respect soldiers, i have friends who are soldiers. Geeks with big mouths should keep them shut. Ivory towers...wheres my paintbrush?
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  1. You've got his number. He's a jersey wearing curler to be exact. Yep, you heard me...dude thinks curling is a sport. Such a sad specimen of a northerner transplanted in Texas. Must not have transplanted him early enough in life, eh Al? Love your blog. Marsha


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