Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I just watched a video of a kid bullying an overweight kid and the kid getting bullied picks up the bully and body slams the kid right onto the pavement. I found the video quite amusing as I always hated bullies. I never picked on people in school and when I got picked on I would always fight the person right on the spot. It didnt matter if the kid was in 12th grade and I was in 7th or that I weighed 126 lbs. I would never take anything from anyone... If I got my butt kicked   I would fight him again the next day and the next. You cannot out persist me, I am the most stubborn persistent human you will ever meet. Eventually people learned I dont do the whole victim thing  and I was soon left alone. I  did learn a life lesson--- for the most part rich kids cant fight, the more struggle you had in your life the tougher your jaw.   I dont condone violence, I cant even watch violent movies but it sure as hell kept the bastards from ever picking on me. In this world you must stand up for yourself and a butt whippin only hurts for a day or two, cowardice hurts a long time and you have only lost when you refuse to get back up from the canvas (or in front of the canvas)

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