Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan update

I pretty much lost a friend to an argument over Japan. I am a very passionate person, I dont like to be told I am insensitive or a panic machine. I know two things in life really well and that is art and media. I study art and media like a junkie studies drugs. All these reactors are going into full china syndrome meltdown. This is the ugly truth, if you live near the damn things this is what you want to hear,  Not gov. media/ propaganda that things are okay..I have less and less patience for idiocy as I get older, especially when it is dangerous idiocy.. The hour is too late in this game to have psychic room for brainwashed lemmings. "Everything is fine, they will handle it" is how people die. Things arent fine and I care enough to be pissed. I cant handle being insulted by brainwashed people whose frontal lobe has been rotted by TV and XBOX. Being Gardega is not easy, often lonely but it is increasingly true.

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