Saturday, March 19, 2011

my head sounds like that

The sound of neurons firing can actually be heard. You can actually "hear" thoughts as neurons fires. They now have chips they can implant in your brain to follow electrical impulses and software can interpret the firing...When the software (called braingate) gets good enough it will be able to read a mind perfectly. Eventually I think they will be able to simply scan your brain for thoughts, sans chip. This is the brave new world of thoughtcrimes. I am glad I will probably be gone by this time or at least in adult diapers with drool on my chin. The last frontier of human freedom is your own mind, your thoughts..this is your true home, your private castle...the invaders have crossed the moat, thrown up ladders and are on their way up. Technology will be man's undoing much as technology will render japan a ghost town. The half life of science without heart is a long one... indeed.

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