Saturday, March 19, 2011


I am heading to long island in a few to paint/ finish the never ending mural. I need to put in a few days before my client heads overseas. By april tax time, my major deadlines should be wrapped and I can focus on my next projects. Tonight is a huge moon, larger than it has been in ages..New yorkers never look up but I will be in the suburbs and will take a look up to the big round cheese. Yesterday was the first warm day in NYC,  I think it got close to 70F. Long time coming. I really dont go out on weekends (amateur nights in NYC) so I get more sleep on a given friday than any weeknight. I sleep in on the weekends until 7AM. I am very sad for Japan. I am more sad for the people who are in harms way because of a gov. that lies and gives false info. as to the danger of the fallout. Radiation has hit california..Dont trust the mainstream media to find out the levels, use alternative media.

The image above is one of my favorite of all time, a masterwork by alfred kubin. It reminds me of man's lonely plight through modern life. You can take every abstract depressionist painting ever made. and they wont be worth a square inch corner of this piece of work. Methinks.

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