Wednesday, March 23, 2011

nobel peace prize found in crackerjack box

AP Toledo, Ohio: It was a Sunday like any other for James Gunarz, a cab driver in Toledo Ohio. After dropping off one of his fares to the local mall James decided He wanted a snack. "I usually go for the pork rinds" he said. "But today I felt I wanted a change..I had a box of ringdings in one hand and Cracker Jacks in the other. I thought about it for a moment and I said to myself----aint no prizes in ring dings! So I bought the cracker jacks with the little sailor dude on it!" After his purchase James pulled over and got his snack on, wondering the whole time what prize awaited him in the bottom of caramel popcorn heaven.. would it be a decoder ring? A plastic monkey? A James found and opened his gift he was Amazed, it was none of the above, what james found astounded him and his wife. James found a Nobel Peace prize! "Yes, A spokesman at Cracker Jacks said "there are a few out there, but they are rare, you have a much better shot getting a plastic pony than a peace prize. He got lucky" James is mailing it in with a photocopy of his idea so it can be personalized with his name. "Image this!" He smiled in the cold toledo winter " I am a multiple felon, thats why I am a cabbie and this is a game changer" he added "My bowling buddies are gonna start calling me sir" When asked what he thought of the tasty snack "They were kinda stale, Im going back to ring dings" No word if he has received a call from the whitehouse.

Staff reporter Toledo Star alex gardgea
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