Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today I return to my beloved NYC. Five days iin long island will try a mans soul, plus I am out of clean socks. I kicked some major art rear out here, long hours, took names. I went out to dinner with client, his wife and kids. Never realized the amount of work taking three kids out to dinner. By the time we finally got to the restaurant my nerves were already looking for some chianti. God bless parents and patience. I think I know why america is on anti anxiety meds, children, however sweet, are a test (but a good test) Tap water in Tokyo is radiocactive. I knew this would happen, the majority of the water in japan will be readioactive. In twenty years the cancer rates will be post chernobyl levels. Radiation now in california and seattle. Mainstream media is now saying 7 out of ten people favor dumbama attacking libya. I guess liberal wars are good but when dumb W started wars they were bad. Also, when the american f 15 went down 7 villagers went to help the pilot and an american helicopter machine gunned them. Main stream gov controlled media wont speak to this but I will. We are there for humanitarian reasons, they say...we only care about humanitarian issues when there is oil under their feet or poppy in the fields. Mass slaughters like Rawanda? Not so much....the fix is in and where is spring...wheres my train? Home again, soon. Will post mural photos...
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