Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sing along america!

I voted for obama
Because my brain dont work
I couldnt figure out that he's
Just another jerk
Just another liar
In a cheap and rented suit
Just like the one before
And the one before to boot
And all my friends were cheering
That hope and change was here
I told them there were suckered
And they said kiss my rear
And now they are a scrapin'
The stickers off their cars
And all that hopey changing stuff
Just dead bugs in a jar
My ex told me Im stupid
And just I wait and see
He's gonna save the planet
He has integrity
And still the wars are raging
And the country now is broke
All that hopey changey stuff
Was some kind of ugly joke
You cannot fool gardega
His brain is sharp as steel
The good ship of his brain
It keeps an upright keel
And all the sheeple gathered
On that novemeber day
A mass of protoplasm
On some laboratory tray
Your brains have all been rotted
Fom a lifetime of tv.
Something I dont watch,
So I can think like....me.

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