Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tattoos: the new fingerprint

I once told a friend that I thought the reason the media etc. Is making it so cool to get tattoos etc. Is because it is pretty much the same as stamping yourself with a barcode so the powers that be etc. Can use it to ID people. He told me I was nuts. Its just a thought, I said..we are sheeple and cattle and they want tags in our ears. Well lo and behold the FBI has rolled out a new ID system for the sheeple that stores your tattoos. So now you have a barcode, an artsy barcode but one nonetheless. I predicted this 6 years ago. Call me crazy, I prefer the term, astute. Biometrics is the future to keep the sheep in line, you will scanned like a loaf of bread every time you walk into a store to buy a taco. Its already happenening and the only people afronted by it are "the crazies" the low IQ sheeple, they cannot compute the math, 1984 to them is the year they had bad fashions. The funny thing about all these books about these facist utopias is that the sheep not only welcome their servitude, they bleat for it.
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