Saturday, March 12, 2011

TSA scanners at 10x radiation reported

Because The avg. American brain has been so rotted by sports and TV and Aspertame and fluoride and corn syrup I often feel the need to help put the great crutch of gardega intellect beneath the armpit of the American psych. Because you have not read this most important article of information between channel flicking and facebooking I feel obligated to share it with my humble readers and no it is not about justin biebers haircut. The TSA (who is most concerned about your safety as an american)has finally come clean (after much pressure) to release inforamtion about the radiation they are bathing you with in the airports. The TSA admitted that radiation levels are 10X higher than they initially stated.

U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz also was troubled by the information posted by the TSA. Chaffetz, R-Utah, chairs a House oversight subcommittee on national security and has sponsored legislation to limit the use of full-body scans. He has been pushing the TSA to release the maintenance records.
At best, Chaffetz said, the radiation reports generated by TSA contractors reveal haphazard oversight and record-keeping in the critical inspection system the agency relies upon to ensure millions of travelers aren't subjected to excessive doses of radiation.
"It is totally unacceptable to be bumbling such critical tasks," Chaffetz said. "These people are supposed to be protecting us against terrorists."

Because the TSA is federal, the machines are not subject to state in a sense the fox is watching the henhouse and you, my chicken friend are getting your extra needed dose of vitamin R for radiation every time some flunky failure from the DMV scans you with back scatter radiation. 
"What happens in times of failure, when they can give very, very high radiation doses. I'm totally unconvinced they have thought that through," Rez said of the TSA. "I just see a large, bumbling bureaucracy. Of course it's not very reassuring."
The TSA's Kimball disputed such characterizations.
"Numerous independent tests have confirmed that these technologies are safe, but these record-keeping errors are not acceptable," he said. For instance, "the testing procedure calls for the technician to take 10 separate scans" for radiation levels, "add them up and then divide by 10 to take an average. They didn't divide by 10," Kimball said.

Dont worry sheeple, take your radiation, the gov. loves you and wants you to be safe.Who cares if they cant calibrate the need to hurry home and watch TV.  

Funny how people try to peg you as a conspiracy nut becuase you dont want your testes fried by some fast food drop out reject telling you to step into a microwave.

I think so you dont have to.

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