Tuesday, March 15, 2011

willful stupidity

I had an old friend tell me that I was wrong about japan and that there wouldnt be meltdowns in the reactors. He was in Starbucks in Tokyo when it happened and the people were calm and japan would handle the crises. I was told I was a panic machine. I am not a panic machine but rather a highly informed researcher who spends thousands of hours a year reading the news and studying media. I dont watch TV (aside from the news--- and this with a jaundice eye) and I dont waste time with video games. I enjoy research, I am an info. junkie. Becuase of my years of research I was well aware of Japans history of hiding their nuclear mishaps so I expected them to downplay the mess this time. The only problem is this is going to cost lives. As I peer through the disinfo. campaign with my "panic machine brain" I know these reactors are in major trouble. Just as I know the TSA doesnt calibrate the airport machines so the radiation levels fluctuate to dangerous levels and are operated by people who flunked out of the DMV. Being well informed in todays world doesnt make you a panic machine, a conpiracy theorist or insensitive. It makes you smart and in todays world smart can keep you alive. Information is key and I am a one eyed man in blind kingdom but I am not easily duped, especially by media and its propaganda that is spoon fed to the sheeple in ever increasing doses. My info. doesnt change Japan nor does it help the people over there but neither does ignorance.  If these reactors melt down (which they will) It only takes seven days for the trade winds to bring the radiation to America. Sorry for being awake and I hope for once I am wrong.

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