Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fast Times At Renaissance High: by gardega

Okay, dude..Here is, like some gnarly lessons about the Renaissance..Totally Rad! Okay, so there was the dude name Lorenzo Medici, from Florence, he took over after his daddy, Cosimo kicked the bucket. Lorenzo was like a radical forward thinking dude and he was like, yo, Dude! We need some new art, All this hyper religious stuff is getting stale. I need to find me some radical new young blood, pronto. So he found this guy, Botticelli, the uberist envelope pushing, pagan, modernist of like the greatest minds of all time! Now Botticelli and Lorenzo became like really tight Bro's, like surfer buddies. At this time there was like a total change going on in Florence, people were becoming a lot like people in the 1980's---minus the sushi..They were getting all materialistic and greedy and jeweled up and pagan and stuff...This eventually led to the event known as "The bonfire fire of the vanities" This is not the tom wolfe novel, this really happened back then, they burned all the jewlery, the bad books..this happened because some monk friar dude named Savonarola got mad at Lorenzo for being so pagan and gnarly. Lorenzo was so rad, he started the first art school! Yes, and he even gave the 13 year old Michelangelo, like a place to live in the palace..dude!

thats enough for today..more tomorrow, surfs up!

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