Friday, May 6, 2011

media studies

I heard on the radio today "that al-queda" was going to supposedly attack our rail systems or trains...Guess what this means? This means you will be soon scanned and radiated to take trains..The TSA will grope you and your kids and radiate you in body scanners for your "own safety" From the railways it will go to the shopping malls and so on until you are scanned to go buy a loaf of bread. Your kids will one day live in a 1984 fully blown surveillence society..the people who dont like this idea are labeled conspiracy theorists by the mass of sheeple. Give up your freedom and liberty for safety and wind up with neither...on a lighter note, Obama wants to put a device in your car that will tax you by the mile..Gas isnt expensive enough...we need a mileage tax.

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