Friday, January 6, 2012

Gardega on art school

Art school has destroyed more students than it has created. The avg. Professor in art school is a lemming/ zombie too afraid to make it in the real trenches of art. Not all...many...They will tell you things like figures are passe, decorative art is not art, be modern at all costs and skill is a four letter word. I was smarter than my professors and I laughed at them and became good friends with one of them (whom I greatly respect and admires) as an artist. Not one of my professors knew anything about the renaissance or geomoetry etc..nothing! I couldnt even get a word of info on raphael (my hero) they all spoke of sargent etc and other such rubbish...Arts school is worth the trip but be careful they dont teach the good part of you right out ther door. A fool is more dangerous than a criminal,  at times.

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