Monday, February 3, 2014

Update by Gardega

I have been very busy on many fronts. I  was in Texas helping a church open an art gallery. Ill post some pics of this later. I am currently painting a ceiling mural (overnights) in a restaurant in Harlem called Harley's. Its quite a feat because it will be my first ceiling mural on "tins" when this is done I have to hit the easel around the clock for an art show in Fort Worth Texas. Working overnights is strange to adjust. I arrive at 1:30am and leave about 5:30am.  I cannot sleep during day so I go straight to work in art studio, then I sleep from 7pm to about 11 or 12. I recently worked 24.5 hours straight and that was a record for me. The mural will be done before valentines day. Very complex to work around speakers and lights etc. I will post progress.

 I have finally started a website for my sales section of my art. my main website is still

my side project has done very well and it was a ton of work but a labor of love. Thee cards came out very nice. here is the Brooklyn card..the first set has the five boroughs.
  back to work..

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