Monday, August 8, 2016

Roald Dahl's writing studio

This is photo of one of my favorite writers, Roald Dahl. This is how he worked and created his genius. A piece of wood laid across an armchair, no typewriter just a pad and pen. As an artist you must learn to create with what is at hand, if you wait until the environment is perfect to your liking then you may never really start. Some artists keep there work space as simple as possible straight through their lives. I heard that Stephen King built an amazing studio to write in but had to go back to his old cramped office because he couldn't work in the new space. My bottom line is this--THE MORE ROOM THE BETTER. I never have enough room to spread my creative wings. canvases can be quite large, typing paper is always the same manageable size.

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  1. hey - thanks for this post - good reminder - 'write' a short story a my head... need to scribble them down anywhere anytime - those stories nag at my head until hand writes it down - currently reading stephen king's 'on writing' in which he describes scrapping the nice big office idea and gives it over to his kids to watch movies and eat pizza while king writes cramped in the corner, the way he did as a kid - yeah, thanks, again


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